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Luxury Bamboo Prefold Sml

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Luxury Bamboo Prefold Sml

Made by Bumboo

Product: BMB003

Price $12.95

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Made from custom milled double sided bamboo terry fabric with overlocked edges for durability these nappies are silky soft and super absorbent.

This nappy requires a snappi and waterproof cover.


The Bumboo prefold has three panels of varying thickness to improve absorbancy and are slightly quicker to put on than flat nappies.

The bamboo fabric is antibacterial and up to 80% more absorbent than cotton. They are held together with a snappi or fastener and require a nappy cover. The nappy cover will not require washing with every use however the prefold will.

Small 37 x 40cm - This is for newborns to 9month olds (3-8kg)

Medium: 40cm x 50cm This is for 3 – 24 month old babies (4-15kg) when used with a snappi and 6 – 36 month old babies (7-20kg) when laid directly into a cover.

Both sizes also double as an additional insert in a cover or pocket nappy.

This is a cost effective nappy used on its own or with a set of other nappy types.

See the Bumboo fold guide to match a fold for your baby’s age and stage.

It is recommended to use:
  • 24 for a full time pack and 6+ appropriately sized nappy covers
  • 12 for a part time pack and 3+ appropriately sized nappy covers
  • 6 for Occasional use and 2+ appropriately sized nappy covers

Reuseable nappies do not require soaking or bleaching. Simply shake soiled material into the toilet and place in a dry bucket until ready to wash. It is recommend to:

  • Leave dirty nappies no more than 2 days
  • Run through a hot 60 degree wash although can be put through a hot or cold wash.
  • Dry nappies on the line in sun if possible and minimise dryer use

Fabric Overview: 90% double sided bamboo terry and 10% polyester.

The polyester content is in the backing that the loops are woven through. This polyester content gives the nappy stability and strength for nappy duties. It is as beautifully soft as it looks in the picture.

The loops are 100% bamboo.

Bumboo is a family based business in regional NSW that specializes in luxury bamboo nappies. From custom-milled bamboo fabric to uniquely designed prints, the Bumboo brand offers a totally luxurious experience of the traditional yet eminently practical cloth nappy. With a range of luxurious, high quality, practical bamboo nappies, the range affords a versatility seldom seen in the modern cloth nappy world.

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